May 8, 2011

I've Lost It

My mind is stuck on vacation right now. Too bad it isn't here:

That exciting love I get for my work when I figure something out is seeping out at my seems. Maybe taking a break wasn't a good idea for this MS, but I really needed to recharge. I'm still in the process of nearly rewriting the entire manuscript. I'm up to Chapter 7 in revisions, but I think I've already rewritten the worst of them. The road may get easier from here. I just need to keep going. The middle should suffice, needs a little more tension and suspense, but the end and climax will be completely chopped.

I don't know why I thought my heroine needed to be rescued. I don't like women in my books who can't save themselves. I LOVE Zoe Archer's profile on her blog...and will live by it when writing my heroines.

I write romance novels that are chock full of adventure, sexy men, and women who make no apologies about kicking ass. 

I really enjoy writing heroines that make no apologies about kicking ass. Therefore, the climax will need to be cut...and rewritten. This is a Banvard Novel, so the climax and query will be from my hero's POV since he is the Banvard in this MS. LET ME OUT featured his twin sister, Adelaide Banvard, who you will see bits and pieces of in the current MS. Not literally. That would be sad because I really like her. Now, there's a woman who will kick your ass and then smile about it!

What have you done for vacation lately? Does your MS suffer while you're away?


  1. When I'm between stages of editing and take breaks my manuscript does suffer a bit. Like you I lose momentum, it's hard not to! Sometimes we just need that vacation though. Bravo to you for realizing your main character should be the one doing the saving. Girls that kick butt are where it's at. ;) Best of luck with your revisions!


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