May 10, 2011

The Write Way

If you haven't had a chance, go check out this post from Jenna Wallace (Writing in a Dream State) to check out ways she visually maps out tension in her MS. It's very inpirational for me to see how other writers edit and revise. I'm always willing to learn a better technique and I'll definately be paying this post a few visits once I get through this major round of revisions on The Next Suspense.

Speaking of The Next Suspense...todays post consists of how I track my progress through revisions. You've already seen my detailed outlines for each chapter. Now, you can see how I bookmark myself when I need to pick up where I left off. Because unfortuneatly, a Word document does not save your place like Excel does.

Uhh...viola? Obviously I have more bad days than good, but those days highlighted in grey are Super Days. I reward myself thost days, by taking the next few off...maybe not such a good idea. But if you have a personality like mine and are interested in keeping track of your project, seeing your failures motivates you!

Are you motivated by failure? Does seeing other writers techniques urge you to try something new?


  1. Great post. I was also planning to start an Excel Spreadsheet just to keep a track of all the character's names in my Middle Grade fiction.

  2. Word does save your place. Just insert/bookmark and you can name it anything you want and have multiple bookmarks. I'm impressed by all the detail you use in your tracking document though.

  3. Lynda! That is awesome and here I thought I was an expert on Word. Thanks so much!


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