June 14, 2011

Half the Year in Review

Remember all of those resolutions you promised to meet this year? I only had two: to query my second novel, LET ME OUT and focus on my career. I queried in March, but I’m finding it’s a continuous process. I’ve received answers to 75% of my queries and when one comes back rejected, I send out another. So I can’t really say that I’ve accomplished my goal yet, but I have focused 100% on my career.

This year I…
Wrote 3 articles that have been published in numerous newsletters all over the US for Romance Writers of America (my first publishing credits).
Worked on my bachelors degree in English Literature (because that’s never-ending it seems).
Submitted one of those articles to Writer’s Digest for their October 2011 issue (have not heard back yet, but I’m proud I did it).
Became co-editor of The March of Crime, newsletter of Southern California Mystery Writers of America chapter (because I don’t have enough to do!).
Started revisions on my third novel, BLEED IT OUT (which is still kicking my ass, thank you).

How are your resolutions coming along? What were your goals? Have you met them already?


  1. Congratulations! You're doing fantastic. A lot of my goals have changed so I'm going to have to look back over my resolutions. My young adult urban fantasy is debuting this August so I'm pretty happy even without having reached all of my other goals. :)

  2. Thanks, Heather. It certainly has been a busy year. Congratulations on the book release!

  3. Good job!!
    I have two goals this year and I'm ALMOST done with one of them. :-)

  4. Great job, Jennifer! Good luck meeting your goals :)


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