June 19, 2011


Anne Claire's post over at A Novel Idea led me to Pinterest.com yesterday. Why do you ask? Because of this!

These are my character's for the third book, BLEED IT OUT! And they're all in one place. This is just my board, the only one for right now, but I plan to make a board for each WIP so I can refer to them often and not have to open dozens of files on my laptop to get the photos I want.

This website could be a great tool for writers. You don't have to only put your characters up there. You can use it for setting, motivational photos, inspirational...anything you want! There's also a social factor where you can become friends with other users.

How to start:

1. Go to www.pinterest.com
2. Request an invite
3. Wait less than a day to be invited to join. (It's a brand new site, they probably don't have a lot of room just yet, but they're working on it.)
4. Join with your Facebook or Twitter account.

5. Start pinning!


  1. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!
    Let's start pinning! :)

  2. just spent ages making a board for Background Vocals.

    What do you think?



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