June 12, 2011

Still Breathing

First, my cousin found a really great resource for writers. Procrastinating Writers Blog. Go there. Sign up for her newsletter and receive weekly advice on writing. This last Friday's newsletter was a great piece on writing during your "good hours". Check it out!

Second, I'd just like to thank those who stopped by this past week to hear from my awesome guests, Anne and Carolyn. These are the two women I look up to the most in this industry. They give me hope and always teach me something new. I hope you were able to learn something from them.

Today's post is more of an update on the writing front.

I've been in two upper-level classes this semester, which are not hard in and of themselves, but VERY time consuming. What this means for my writing: I haven't touched my revisions of Book 3 since school started. Haven't even thought about it. That might be a good thing since I was getting so close to ripping my hair out. However, I have been plotting scenes (because my brain never gives me a break) for the next project I gave an excerpt from here last week. I've been secretly doing this at work in a Word document while listening to every song on my iPod for inspiration.

These two classes end in two weeks. What this means for my writing: Hallelujah, I just might be able to to finish my revisions this year, but, because I haven't been able to work on them for 6 weeks, I most likely won't be finished and ready to pitch when the amazing Angela James, editor of Carina Press, stops by in November. I'm going to try to make it though!

How is your summer going? Any exciting projects in the works?

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