July 10, 2010

Another Friend

Well I've been focused on writing these past three days since we last talked and a lot has been accomplished. I'm trying not to blog as much, because it takes time away from more important things, but I just couldn't not share this new blog I found.

How I found it: On Writer's Digest. Anne Gallager featured an article on writer's digest called The Five Stages of Querying. Of course, I read it cause that's kind of where I am at the moment. I don't have any new queries out in the world right now because both finished MSS are in the process of getting critiqued, but by the end of the summer (hopefully) I'll be back in the boat. The article is kind of funny, considering I remember the exact moment I went though all five stages with All Falls Down, then named All That I'm Living For. Read it.

The blog: Anne Gallager is an ASPIRING AUTHOR! Just like me :) She has a very optimistic view when it comes to writing and I envy her for it. Writing is hard some days and easy the others, but she keeps her amazing attitude throughout the blog. If you're new to the business, like me, check out her blog here. I'll be adding it to my "for writers" page. Plus you won't believe how many manuscripts she's working on.

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  1. Thank you very much for your lovely words. It means a lot. Where is your 'follow' button so I can follow you?


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