July 24, 2010

You're Going To Think I'm Dumb

I've been reading author blogs for a while now, even before I started to write my own novels. Laurell K. Hamilton is one of those writers who gets inside her characters head, as the rest of us should be doing. Sometimes it's hard for her to write tragic scenes in her Anita Blake series and she even gets depressed when her characters have lost a friend or someone close. She's happy when her imaginary friends are happy and stressed when they are stressed. There are many other authors out there like this and up until today, I could say that I thought they were being silly.

Not today. Today's writing session includes the scene where my Hero and Heroine are going to be separated. I know exactly how it will happen, I know who is going to say what and where everybody will be positioned when the decision is made.

I don't want to write it.

Just thinking about it makes me sad, even though I know when they will be reunited and where. I still don't want to write it. At the moment, I'm too far into my character's heads. So now I'm in a bad mood and on the verge of tears. I'm taking little break to clear my head and get my mind back in control.

So to all you writers out there that have to go through this with every character you create, with every novel you write, with every imaginary friend you have to kill off: I no longer think you're being silly.

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