July 17, 2010

Plotopaluza at RWA!

Today was plotopaluza at my second chapter meeting with RWA and even though I wasn't able to get my work critiqued or discussed, it was still VERY inspirational. Below are my notes.

A = Ordinary World

B = Call to adventure, some issue presented

C = Bad things happening

D = Cross the threshold, answer to call to adventure

E = Gathering friends and allies

F = Point of no return, must go on

G = Things fall apart

H = Crisis, black moment is emotional, a sacrifice

I = Resolution, hero and heroine together, they’ve accommodated changes to their lives.

J = Happy ever after

GMC – Goal, motivation and conflict (book, Debra Dixon)

Protagonist has internal goal (emotionally) and an external goal.

Motivation, internal (what does it represent to you) and external.

Conflict, villain or antagonist also has a goal and motivation. Mutually exclusive between antagonist and protagonist.

Internal and external have to connect, proves an emotional lesson (something keeping them from love, internal = trust). Tells how hero and heroine learn their lessons to emotional growth.

Questions to ask when plotting for hero/heroine:

What does the Hero/Heroine want?

What will happen if he gets it?

External goal?

Internal goal?

What is the internal and external conflict of Hero/Heroine?

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