July 5, 2010

Days Five, Six, and Seven

Still going strong except for one thing. I keep forgetting to take my vitamins! So hard to remember. I couldn't even remember to take birth control, but I was hoping this well-being experiment would get me to remember. No worries, I'm feeling great. No sugar = energetic me. Although I haven't been running in a week...my experiment is over, but I believe I will continue this no candy thing. I have to go back to FUSE drinks and LIFEWATER though. Plain water isn't bad, but I need flavor every once in a while.
I'm getting A LOT of writing done lately. Per the post below, you can see that I finished up my third and final novel in the Banvard series. I started ALL THREE of my next novels in my paranormal romance world. That won't last for long, but when I have an idea, I need to get it out before I lose it and I happened to have an idea for three of the next manuscripts. It's not much, just a couple pages on each. It'll be a while before I blog again. I need to focus. I'm glad you could follow me through this experience and want to say thanks to all those who forgave me for my bad moods!

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