July 18, 2010


Well, the first chapter of my paranormal romance is as finished as its ever going to get. To be honest, I've just been working on that one chapter rather than moving forward. My research for my second chapter isn't quite complete, so it will be at least another week before I feel comfortable getting down and dirty into my Hero's life. No, not DIRTY dirty. He's a heart surgeon, and I feel the need to learn more about the human heart before getting it all down on paper. This way I won't have to go back and fix things, or risk sounding stupid when other people read it and I haven't done my research. Many revelations have come forth today while writing though. If you've read my status update on Facebook today, you saw that I backed myself into a corner at which I had no way to get out of until about 5 minutes ago. All my current research is on angels and demons. So guess what this book is about? ANGELS AND DEMONS. So I was at a crossroads while my Heroine was kicking some serious Archangel butt. The Archangel was beginning to grow on me! I didn't want him to die and neither did my Heroine. I was stuck, but I'm stuck no more. Details still need to be worked out. I now have a lot more research I need to do and this book is moving at an impossibly slow rate. I was beginning to look at my plot as the others in my writing group had yesterday and what do you know, it worked.

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